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Good kitchen and bath designs come from the heart.

Kitchen and bath design requires an eye for beauty, a deep understanding of how people use these spaces, and the technical know-how to create them with quality materials. No matter how much 3D renderings, space planning, and fancy details are used, a successful design is made using clients’ inputs with their experience and desires. The design must reflect the lifestyle needs and aesthetic preferences of those living there. With over 10 years of experience as trusted and professional kitchen and bath design company in Richmond Hill we will take into consideration not only your wants and needs but also your lifestyle.

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Make your kitchen and bath dream a reality with the help of Smart Renovations professional design services.

Our knowledgeable designers have years of experience bringing custom visions to life, creating these particular areas specifically for you. Let us help you design your perfect space – call us to get started today! We ensure that our design reflects your lifestyle, personality, and needs before it can come to life. The most successful kitchens and bathrooms are those that utilize the space while managing to be comfortable, beautiful, and functional. Even a small kitchen or bathroom can be made with creative storage solutions like pull-out shelves or built-in organizers and thoughtful interior design choices like colours, textures, fixtures and furniture.

The goal is to ensure each element is cohesive in form, function and feel – resulting in a beautiful, harmonious space!

With careful planning, thoughtful execution, and attention to detail, we can ensure that every space inside your home serves aesthetically and functionally for years to come! While designing, we consider the following things:

Storage solutions; layout of cabinetry, appliances and fixtures
Material choices to create a space that is durable yet beautiful
Lighting considerations, including natural light when available
Proper ventilation systems so all surfaces stay clean from moisture damage
Incorporating trends or timeless pieces without overpowering the overall aesthetic

Taking a few extra steps toward the thoughtful kitchen and bath design can make all the difference!

When designing a kitchen or bath, it is essential to consider the functionality of the space and how you will use it. With years of experience in the renovation & remodelling industry, we understand what it takes to make any room stand out from the rest. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your design project turns out just as beautiful as or even better than initially envisioned. 

Whether you are looking for an ultra-modern look or something a bit more classic—Smart Renovation has got you covered!

It’s easy to be inspired by photos on social media and in catalogues, but remember that trends come and go; whatever style you choose should be timeless enough to stand the test of time. From selecting the right materials for countertops and floors to finding clever storage solutions, good kitchen and bath design should feel both functional and aesthetically pleasing — key components of creating an enjoyable experience each time you enter these rooms.

A Reliable Kitchen and Bathroom Designer Company in Richmond Hill, Vaughan and GTA

Our highly experienced and dedicated professional team specializes in design for kitchens and bathrooms so that you can trust the process from start to finish—our kitchen and bath designers understand your needs for refinement, luxury, elegance and efficiency. Working closely with quality contractors with whom we have developed relationships makes the entire experience smoother.

Why Choose Smart Renovations?

If you want high-end designs done right by top-notch interior designers, then call Smart Renovations and get started on your dream renovation today!

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Our team of designers has the skill and expertise to understand your individual needs.
Smart Renovation can provide a design that meets all your requirements, from modern living spaces to classic designs.
Whether a Kitchen or bathroom remodelling, our creative solutions will give you incredible results.
We also offer sustainable designs so you can be sure the result is eco-friendly but still aesthetically pleasing at the same time!

Why Hire A Kitchen and Bath design Contractor?

DIY interior designing for kitchen or bathroom renovations or remodelling should only be attempted if you have the right tools and knowledge. Not only can such a project involve a lengthy process, but it requires expertise, making it costly. Electrical fixtures, flooring, and tiling are some steps that must be taken carefully to ensure successful execution. High-quality materials are also needed – our experienced contractors at Smart Renovations know exactly what materials are necessary and within your budget to meet your desired look.

We specialize in kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation projects of all sizes, so you won’t have to worry about enduring stressful aspects of the construction process. Every design created is exclusive and begins by learning about your objectives, making sure we deliver what you truly want. Worry not about designing costs either – Smart Renovations has the best rates in town! Our interior designers will provide various designs at different prices so that you can easily find one suited to your budget.

We've Reimagined The Designing Experience

Kitchen and Bathroom Design:

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom design, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're looking for a classic style, a minimalistic approach, or the most modern amenities, our qualified Kitchen and Bath designers can help.

Cabinetry Designs:

When considering modern cabinetry designs, there are endless possibilities regarding style and functionality. Cabinets can range from rustic wooden pieces with distressed finishes, minimalistic metal frames with glass doors, ornate decorative corner units crafted entirely out of metal wire mesh or intricate carvings framed by dark wood stain tones – to name a few options among many styles available today!

3D concepts and drawings:

With 3D visualizations of the space, you'll easily understand how the project will look from every angle. It is especially important in these cases as they are very complex spaces with multiple levels, angles and details that must be considered. You will be able to agree on choices quicker by seeing them immediately instead of facing major surprises when building according to 2-dimensional plans created on paper.

Materials & Finish Selections:

Our experts can help you see how various materials and finish options look in your space. From selecting the right finishes for kitchen appliances to deciding on the perfect toilet for the bathroom, our team is here to help with these decisions. Our selection services ensure that whatever changes or updates you consider making to your home are beautiful and practical.

Kitchen and Bath Designing has never been easier.

Interior design is an art form that requires skill and understanding of the materials, colours, textures and elements used in designing. At Smart Renovations, we make the kitchen and bath design as easy as possible for our customers. Our expert designers can create a solution tailored to your needs, from colour schemes to layout plans and features.

We offer complete customization with quick turnaround times so you can get the look you want without waiting too long. We work closely with local suppliers, making the price quote more affordable. There’s no need to look elsewhere when you’re dealing with us. With our budget-friendly rates and experienced professionals on hand, why would anyone go anywhere else? Let us help bring your vision to life today!

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