Granite or quartz- Which is the best for the kitchen countertop?

Choosing the best kitchen countertop is slightly confusing because you have a huge variety of options. This variety has plenty of pros and cons that you need to compare, before making your choice effective. Out of all the relevant materials, Granite and quartz proved to be the most dominating. Using the right countertop is essential because When most of the time working on the countertop, goes through a lot in your kitchen. Account to talk must be heat resistant, water-resistant, should not be very heavy but must be durable. It should not get scratches or cracks. Let us take a look into the pros and cons of both these materials, to come to a conclusion


Granite is a naturally hard stone that is mined and then cut into various sizes. It is polished to being in shine and gloss. They are available in many Colors but the simple black, white and grey look is enough to catch eyes. You can choose from a large variety with beautiful and eye catch designed. Do not use a granite countertop as a chopping board; it would make the blades of the knife dull. Most of the materials fade when exposed to the sun, but granite doesn’t. It is a natural absorbent and can absorb all the spills making stains.


Quartz is partially a natural stone, made along with polymer resins. It comes in various Colors and textures and is 100% synthetic. The ration between quartz and radon is 93% and 7% respectively. It provides you with a huge variety, which benefits from granite. Moreover, these do not require much maintaince and can handle spills easily. Besides you need not get worried about Bactria or any decomposition etc. on the countertop.



APPEARANCE Granite comes in various colours and a pattern, which makes it look extremely appealing. In case you want renovate your kitchen and make it look subtle, you can have the best collection of Granite to choose from. Most importantly, no granites are the same. It provides you with really good quality along with amazing textures which are natural and not man-made. the appearance was the main reason for the glow of this material. It is available in different colours and options, which make it attractive to people. You can easily match your modular kitchen design and decor with your countertop. It is available in different colours including red, blue, black and a lot more. It is a handmade material, which takes back the natural look but brings in lots of shine.
PRICE if you purchase granite from a wholesaler, it might not cost you loads. This material is within your budget and is available in different types. You can choose the one, which falls in your budget this material is comparatively expensive as compare to Granite. As it is a handmade material, the price automatically goes up. If you want to save money, it is not recommended to use quartz. Obviously, you would want lower quality material to degrade the quality of your kitchen
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Granite can only be used in your kitchen after it has been quarried, which takes a lot of work. There would be significant shipping costs if you want a high-end slab from Italy, for example. Where possible, use natural stone or go to scrap shops to find parts that can be cut to match your needs. If you use regionally processed stone and local fabricators, quartz can be more environmentally conscious than granite because it is engineered. This reduces the time that the material must be shipped.
MAINTENANCE this seems to be one of the most crucial concerns that help in deciding which material is the best.  Granite is very easy to clean; all you need is a wet towel along with regular soap. To avoid stains, you need to clean your kitchen immediately and on regular basis. Do not keep these spills for hours and hours. This can also be cleaned easily and requires very low maintenance. You need to stop worrying about cracks. The only problem here is that generally quarters burns very easily.
DURABILITY It is a durable material that is resistant to heat. As it is a very porous material, stains are concerned. It might not be visible on the exteriors but on the interiors, there might be damages Thus it’s a hard stone and hence can resist all the spills. The drawback here is that it can easily get damaged with excessive heat.



Keeping all the situations in mind, granite could be considered to be the best material. Moreover, both are relatively similar. Moreover, nothing has just pros and pros. Both the materials have their drawbacks; it becomes very crucial and necessary to focus upon the positives, to choose one material effectively

  1. Granite is more durable than quartz
  2. Quartz will burn under a hot pot
  3. Granite chips can easily be repaired
  4. Granite is easy to maintain
  5. Granite is cheaper than quartz
  6. Granite is more environmentally friendly
  7. Quartz emits radon gas

We conclude here that granite is the best for the countertop. Don’t keep yourself burning in this granite, quartz debate.


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